As you consider giving to Red Hill Church, we think it is important that you understand our vision for ministry. First, and foremost, we are a church – a community of people who believe the biblical gospel. This story influences everything we do as a community. It is our message; it is the basis of our community; it is the source of our hope for Marin County; it is what compels us to mission. But what is the gospel story? The simple definition is: the gospel is the biblical story of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation that climaxes in Jesus. The gospel is so profound, though, that we will all spend the rest of our lives discovering the depth of its reality and how it applies to our lives. So our vision begins with the gospel – we are here to teach it, learn it, display it, and apply it.

Our vision includes the particular place where God has situated us – the Ross Valley of Marin County. As the only evangelical church with a building in the Ross Valley, we understand that our geographic placement is strategic. And this is an opportunity we take seriously. Consequently, our vision is to see the gospel bring new life to the Ross Valley. And that starts with us as a church. Our vision is to develop a healthy, thriving gospel community within the Ross Valley. But it also has implications for the broader community. We want to see our neighbors unite with us around the gospel. And our church feels a special burden for West and Northwest Marin, where there is not even one gospel community in that vast area. So our vision is to develop a healthy, thriving gospel community in the Ross Valley, and then to duplicate that in West and Northwest Marin.

Our vision also includes the greatest earthly asset we have as a church – our building. Located on the main thoroughfare of the Ross Valley, with ample parking and substantial space, our vision is that our building would become the cultural center of the Ross Valley and that it would become a “hub” of Marin County. We have already invested over $300,000 of our own money into renovating the building, and we are looking to raise another $1,000,000 to complete a full renovation. We want our building to become a catalyst for us as we accomplish our vision, both by producing revenue and by bringing us into contact with our community.

We are looking for partners to join with us as we seek to make this vision a reality. Will you consider becoming a member of our church, contributing your money, time, and skills to this shared vision? Will you consider making a generous donation to our building renovation campaign so that we might become the cultural center of our community? We are completely committed to this vision for the Ross Valley and Marin County, and we know that this vision cannot be accomplished without partners like you.