Music Ministry


The worship ministry at Red Hill Church exists to encourage a response to the good news of Jesus in a corporate setting.  We believe that worship happens when we recognize even a small glimpse of God’s goodness and respond back to him.  Throughout scripture, one can see a theme of God acting and people worshiping in response to what He has done.  Music is one venue for us to corporately respond to God – especially for what He has done for us in the gospel.  We wish to create an environment in which everyone can participate in celebrating the gospel.  Our worship ministry reorients our church around our vision to be a gospel-centered church.

At Red Hill we are stylistically modern in our approach to music and we value excellence.  We also believe that the music is secondary to the message we wish to hold high.  We treasure scripture and seek to have a strong biblical foundation to every song we sing.  In Romans 12:1, the apostle Paul encourages us to offer ourselves as living sacrifices that are set apart for God.  In accordance with this scripture, we also encourage believers to worship the Lord daily by trusting and following Him.