Our Commitment

We Believe:

– There is one God in three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

– The Father designed the drama of redemption before the world began

– Jesus, the Son, took on flesh when He was born to the virgin Mary

– Jesus lived a sinless life, faithfully resisting temptation

– Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of sins

– Jesus rose from the dead, signaling the advent of a new creation

– The Holy Spirit is given to every believer at conversion

– The Bible is a perfect record of what God wants mankind to know about Him and His world

– Every human is a sinner who has justly earned God’s condemnation and wrath

– The gospel is the story of creation, Fall, redemption, and consummation contained in the Bible

– The gospel provides good news to sinful humanity

– Mankind’s proper response to the gospel is a life of repentance and faith

– Jesus is returning to consummate what He finished in His life, death, and resurrection

We Serve:

– By teaching the Scriptures to those who are spiritually hungry

– By providing food for those who are physically hungry

– By offering a forum for seekers to voice their questions about the Christian faith

– By praying for those who are in need

– By creating a safe place for children to learn and play

We Worship:

– The Triune God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

– As individuals and families every day of the week

– As a church on Sunday:

– By singing, led by our contemporary praise band

– By connecting with others in our community

– By giving of our offerings

– By hearing to the Word of God

– By responding to His Word

– By going in order to take His Word to His world